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SHP Manual

SHP Provider Manual
4.6 Notice of Privacy Practices | 4.8 Provider Participation in Senior Health Partners’ Operations

4.7 Termination of Provider Agreement

Termination by Senior Health Partners

Senior Health Partners may, at its option, terminate this Agreement immediately and without notice to Provider in the event of: (i) conduct by Provider or Provider's employees or agents which in the sole judgment of Senior Health Partners poses imminent harm to an Enrollee(s); (ii) circumstances that result in Provider being legally unable to deliver the Covered Services specified herein; (iii) a determination by Senior Health Partners that Provider or Provider's employees or agents have engaged in fraud; (iv) a final determination by a state licensing board or other governmental agency that impairs Provider’s ability to provide services under this Agreement, including without limitation, a decision by DOH or its agents to suspend, terminate or deny approval to Provider to participate in the New York State Medicaid Program. 

Termination by Providers

In the event that Senior Health Partners defaults in the performance of any material duty or obligation hereunder, Provider may, at its option, give Senior Health Partners written notice identifying the alleged default or breach, and if Senior Health Partners does not cure such default or breach within thirty (30) days, Provider may, at its option, terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) days written notice to Senior Health Partners.
 In the event a provider is no longer interested in participating with Senior Health Partners, please call the Senior Health Partners Provider Services line at 1-877-737-2693.