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6.4 Quality Review and Oversight | 7.2 Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI)

Section 7 - Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement and Compliance

7.1 Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement (QAPI) Plan and Compliance

The goal of the QAPI plan is to systematically monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and appropriateness of care provided or coordinated and maximize member satisfaction.  The following areas are reviewed annually:

   •   The quality and quantity of services;

   •   The management of care including availability, access and continuity, and early identification of problems;

   •   The identification and correction of operational and clinical practice issues;

   •   Outcomes in clinical and non-clinical areas.

   •   Senior Health Partners supports and carries out these functions through several cross functional committees. Examples of these committees include an internal Quality Utilization Committee, a board appointed Quality Management Committee. All committee meetings are recorded and minutes are reported to the Board of Directors at their quarterly meetings.