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4.7 Termination of Provider Agreement | 4.9 Network Evaluation

4.8 Provider Participation in Senior Health Partners’ Operations

Senior Health Partners values its relationship with providers and the unique perspectives that both parties bring to maximizing care and efficient operations. Informal access is available on an ongoing basis through communications with the Provider Relations department and other plan staff. Plan staff also reach out to providers regarding updates to policies or operational procedures to ensure timely and efficient services. Examples of formal input and participation by Senior Health Partners' providers include internal committee involvement and completion of Provider Satisfaction Surveys.


Committee Participation

Selected providers may be requested to participate in committee activities. An example of this involvement occurs with Senior Health Partners’ Quality and Utilization Management (QUM) Committee. Participation is requested based on the event or issues to be explored.  

Provider Satisfaction Survey Participation

While provider input is welcome at all times, Senior Health Partners conducts periodic surveys of provider satisfaction. Results are used to determine system and operational improvements to maximize clinical outcomes and operational effectiveness. Examples of actions taken as a result of satisfaction survey results include changes to staff meeting times to later in the morning to make staff more accessible to early-morning provider calls; the installation of a new telephone system that allows direct dialing to staff; a weekly internal communication system among our office managers, on-call staff, and our answering service; and the ability to patch provider
after-hours calls through quickly in cases of emergency. Provider data is completed and returned in a confidential manner. The data is aggregated, with no individual identifiers noted.