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SHP Provider Manual
5.1b Requests for Review and Reconsideration of a Claim | 5.3 Fraud Waste and Abuse

5.2 Provider Information

Providers are responsible for contacting Senior Health Partners to report any changes in their agency. It is essential that Senior Health Partners maintains an accurate provider database in order to ensure proper payment of claims, to comply with provider reporting requirements mandated by governmental and regulatory authorities, and to provide the most up-to-date information on provider choices to our members. Providers must notify Senior Health Partners of any of the following changes: 

·         Provider’s name and Tax ID number(s)
·         Provider’s address, zip code, telephone or fax number
·         Provider’s billing address
·         Languages spoken in the provider’s office
·         National Provider Identification Number (if applicable)
·         Office hours
·         Provider closes their agency to new business 
Providers should call the Senior Health Partners Provider Services number at 1-877-737-2693 with any questions or fax all updates to the Provider Services department at 1-646-313-4634.