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SHP Provider Manual
2.1 How to Identify a Senior Health Partners Member | 2.3 Member Co-Payments

2.2 Member Rights and Responsibilities

Pre-Enrollment ProcessEach potential member 

   •   Receives information about the program and services and his/her rights from the Enrollment Team

   •   Receives a copy of the Member Handbook

   •   Authorizes receipt of information

Rights as a Senior Health Partners Member

   •   Comprehensive treatment with consideration, dignity, respect, confidentiality and without discrimination

   •   Fully participate in all decisions that relate to treatment and care

   •   Choose his/her own primary care doctor if the doctor is willing to work with Senior Health Partners in care management

   •   Access emergency health services when and where the need arises without prior authorization from Senior Health Partners

   •   Information disclosure before enrollment, at enrollment and when there is a change in services in a manner that is accurate, easily understood and supports informed decisions

   •   Initiate disenrollment from the program at any time

   •   Fair and responsive process for resolving differences, including a rigorous internal review of complaints

Responsibilities of Members

   •   To participate in care and care decisions

   •   To support the Senior Health Partners program

   •   To provide information necessary for Senior Health Partners staff to do planning for the member on request