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SHP Manual

SHP Provider Manual
8.1 Senior Health Partners /Provider Partnership

8.2 Instructions for Providers to Make Referrals

  A Referral to Senior Health Partners is a Phone Call Away 

 ð   Call Intake Team at (212) 360-0067 or (866) 585-9280

 ð Fax Senior Health Partners’ Referral Form to: (212) 360-1121 

 Upon Referral the Intake Assessment Begins  

Relationship Coordinator

   •   Contacts client within 24-48 hours to schedule a home visit

   •   Schedules home visits appointments for the Enrollment and Intake Nurses

Enrollment Specialist

   •   Conducts home visit, with significant other present

   •   Explains covered & coordinated services, answers all questions

   •   Obtains client authorization for an Intake Nurse Assessment

   •   Refers client in need of new Medicaid to the Entitlement Specialist Team

An Entitlement /Medicaid Specialist

   •   Completes /submits new Medicaid application for client

   •   Completes recertification application, as needed

Intake Nurses

   •   Conduct a functional, performance, environmental and cognitive assessment

   •   Prepare an initial plan of care with client/family input.

   •   Communicate /confirm with Primary Care Provider (medications, diagnosis and recommended plan of care) as needed

   •   Obtains client voluntary signed Enrollment Agreement


   •   Communicate the outcome to Referring Source