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IX-B Member Transportation Reimbursement Form | X Medicare Member Reimbursement Form

Appendix IX-C — Non-emergent Transportation Services Policy – Livery and Ambulette

Healthfirst members must call LogistiCare to arrange taxi or ambulette transportation, see chart below for reference.
NYC, Nassau and Suffolk Medicaid Members: Medicare Members:
Monday through Friday
Healthfirst Member Services
7 days a week
TTY English: 1-866-288-3133
TTY English: 1-888-542-3821
TTY Spanish: 1-888-867-4132

NYC, Nassau and Suffolk Medicaid and Essential Plan Members

Non-emergency transportation is now provided by LogistiCare. Transportation services can be scheduled by calling 1-877-564-5922. If possible, services should be scheduled three days before member’s medical appointment and provide the appointment date, time, address, and the provider name. Non-emergency transportation includes personal vehicle, bus, taxi, ambulette, and public transportation.

Who is eligible for transportation services? 

Livery Service
·     Medicaid members who lives in NYC and Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk counties).
·     Medicare members receive limited routine transportation benefits as described in the Evidence of Coverage.
Ambulette Service
·     All Medicaid members in NYC and Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk counties) are eligible for ambulette service if they have disabilities or medical conditions that prevent them utilizing public transportation or livery services. Approval from the member’s physician is required.

Medicare members are NOT eligible for ambulette service.  

Special Program for Medicaid Members – Through LogistiCare

Free car service is available to qualified Healthfirst Medicaid members who need the following services:

·     Prenatal visits (only if first trimester of pregnancy [0 to 3 months pregnant]; first prenatal visit within 42 days [6 weeks] of enrollment with Healthfirst).
·     Postpartum visit; (only if within 21 to 56 days [3 to 8 weeks] after delivery).
·     Well-child and immunizations

a.        Offered for members from 0 to 24 months old (total of 6 round trips)

b.        2 weeks after birth

c.        6 weeks after birth

d.        One (1) round trip every two (2) months thereafter for a maximum of six (6) round trips