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1.3 Network Management and Provider Services | 2.2 Healthfirst Medicare Plans

2. Healthfirst Programs and Benefits

2.1 Healthfirst PHSP Programs

Healthfirst Medicaid Managed Care Plan

Since 1994, Healthfirst has delivered managed healthcare services to the Medicaid-eligible population of New York City and Long Island. Healthfirst Medicaid offers the full range of New York State Medicaid benefits to individuals and families eligible to receive services under the following government programs: Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Safety Net Assistance (SNA), Medicaid Only (MA-HR and MA-ADC) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Healthfirst Child Health Plus (CHPlus)

In March of 1999, Healthfirst implemented the CHPlus Program to provide quality healthcare coverage for the children of uninsured and underinsured families. This program was developed in response to New York State’s CHPlus initiative. The CHPlus Program offers health care to children under age 19 who are above the Medicaid income levels or who are ineligible for Medicaid because of their immigration status.

CHPlus provides children with a comprehensive benefit package. The family must be income eligible for membership and may be responsible for contributing to a premium based on its income category. If the member is eligible for Medicaid upon recertification, the applicant’s application is referred to the appropriate district for an eligibility determination and he/she may be temporarily enrolled in the CHPlus plan while pending a Medicaid determination from the district.

Healthfirst Personal Wellness Plan (HARP)

Starting October 1, 2015 for NYC, Healthfirst implemented the Healthfirst Personal Wellness Plan - which is our version of the Health And Recovery Plan.

The Healthfirst Personal Wellness Plan is for Medicaid Managed Care members who may benefit from extra behavioral health or substance abuse services. It offers all the same Medicaid Managed Care coverage and benefits, plus extra services like community support programs, mental health treatment, substance abuse programs, and other behavioral health services to help the member live life to the fullest.